Proc. Paper published in SPIE USA 2017

In August 2017, the research work entitled “Photodetector fabrication by dielectrophoretic assembly of GaAs nanowires grown by a two-steps method” (doi: 10.1117/12.2274007), was published in the Proceedings of SPIE (10353), Optical Sensing, Imaging, and Photon Counting: Nanostructured Devices and Applications 2017 (103530F). In this work, I participated in the growth of GaAs NWs through a novel method called two-steps VLS growth carried out in a chemical beam epitaxy (CBE) system. The advantage of this growth method compared to standard one-step self-catalyzed VLS growth method, is the reduction of parasitic growth in the neighbourhood of the nanowires, improving the aspect ratio of the nanowires and reducing the tapering effect. As a result of this optimized growth, the NWs show a high crystalline structure and a micrometric length, allowing their high-efficient assembly between metallic electrodes for different electronic devices. In this regard, this work shows for the first time the assembly of GaAs nanowires by using non-uniform electric fields namely dielectrophoresis, analyzing the outcome parameters such as density of assembled NWs, transfer yield, etc. as a function of dielectrophoretic parameters such as amplitude and frequency of the AC signal between the electrodes.


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