LaTeX Template

This post presents a basic LateX structure, including document class, packages, and document body. Firstly, we define the document class using the command documentclass. In this case, I have chosen article which is ideal for articles in scientific journals, short reports, … However, there are many other classes available in LateX such as beamer (presentations), report (longer reports containing several chapters), book, letter, and so on. So let’s try what class covers your needs! Documentclass also defines the font size, the language, the paper size, and other characteristics such as one or two printing sides.

Secondly, we need to define the specific packages that we want to use in the document, e.g. concerning to the specific symbol of a language, the use of mathematic formulae, the use of graphics, etc. In this simple template, I have included four essential packages for me. Here below there is a description of each one:

  • Babel package manages culturally determined typographical (and other) rules.
  • Inputec package translates various standard and other input encodings into a ‘LaTeX internal language’.
  • Amsmath package adapts for use in LaTeX most of used mathematical features, including symbols, math operations, and so on.
  • Graphicx package is useful if you want to include graphics and images in your manuscript.

Finally, we can start writing the document. A further description of the document structure will be posted later on.

% Document class


%Basic package


%The document starts here

Hi world!
\end {document}

You can save this simple code as a template, which is highly recommended for future manuscripts.


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